by evvnflo

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2011 release from evv'n'flo


released June 27, 2011

Produced by evv'n'flo



all rights reserved


evvnflo Portland

evv’n'flo is a Portland local born and raised who has produced music for 13 yrs & performed shows all over PDX & Philly for 8 yrs with various bands like Flomentum or the funky/soulful group Dirty Revival!
Last year he released Hydrophonix, this year the album Liquid-E is almost complete. He is performing frequently in 2013 & always working on greater songs & shows. contact - evan.simko@gmail.com
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Track Name: Be Like Water Feat. Vin Shambry
Verse 1 (evv'n'flo):
In the be/ginning I was made of water paddlin from an amniotic
Fluid river movin with earth axis with no plan just options
/ and in my molten core I couldn’t picture hopeless war
/ just a simplest life where everybody’s livin with their open doors

Deep in wide as the River Jordan of scripture it’s a
Sleepy eyed spring in origin of existence
/ My life kept creepin on by given ordinance from decision amidst us
But mislabeling tide washes over us with the name religion

/ cuz that’s a dangerous term for how to pass blame n other worth
/ The stage’s allure makes for corruption of our mother earth
Ending to our suffrage thus becoming something like infinite suffering
/. No listening or budging budgeting nothing sinking every minute we runnin

/ Cant keep runnin away I heard somebody say comin from the pharcyde
/ But a plans goin underway under ugly skyline nothing but the hard times
/ on a par 5 scorin a triple bogey sippin on o e sittin lonely
Porin /liqour for a distant homie stead im choosing to

Chorus A (Vin):
be like /Water fluid liquid trickling soothing
Until I get resistance I’m movin smoothly
like /Water fluid liquid trickling soothing
Until I get resistance I’m movin smoothly

Verse 2 (evv'n'flo):
many /Waiting for the water to pool in other Tenants are against the grain while many in /pain stayin in arid region in scarcely bleak season even
If, we immensely change we dependant on rain to go with the flow
It’s a /ride on the rodeo holdin a bowl waitin to garner sacred water

n you never know So let it go we animals planning on getting old but
Essentially nothing is credible even down to the minerals so the wise vow for a lifestyle when you wanna be up in the right valve is that water is incredibly seminal, sentimental not set it stone, so follow the evv’n’flo

Steppin on a set of steppin stones cross alotta bodies catapult
I don’t ever know if we’ll get back home, all I ever wanted was mass revolt
No results for the thirsty and hungry distilled stagnant doubtful harverst
Feelin really lucky in a country where the facuet spouts in a house or apartment

Chorus B (Vin):
Beautifully carrying out my existence
Nothing to lose nothing to prove, I do what truly suits me
Beautifully carrying out my existence, like Bruce Lee
Nothing to lose nothing to prove, I do what truly suits me
Track Name: One Scheme One Meter
Spit a diss n rip a ligament into some itty bits
(my) Regiments mo different than anything that is a hit
Git a grip n listen in my mission is relentlessness
exhibit insistence with a rhythm sick ridiculous

Git this kid a mini fridge I’m sippin big belligerent
visions against the system ignition gitchur kitchen mits
Ignorance jist isn’t bliss you’ll figure a minute in
Beginning wishin it was different but it isn’t man

‘gain again persistence driven wisdom did it’s biggest switch
flipped the script jist picture it inventiveness I bend n twist
Witnesses git sick wit it quit livin pick to slit their wrists
Quicker than death sentences I deliver precision flicks

Hi hi hi im hecklin yo shitty friends n itchy dick
Can’t git with a veteran w/ penmanship definitive
No /hinderin ticketing or picketing I’m kickin it
mista spit this lyric you will stutter it I I I I ……
There /isn’t jist a simpleton synonym for discriptiveness
millions on diligent pilgrimadge would do pilferin
kill for it steal n sin villainous to get a feel or glimpse
It isn’t religious pitch its imminent distinguishing

A /tidbits enough medicine for anyone feelin sick
stead a hittin mini sips I killed the fifth dint spill a drip
Filled with shit be real with it, the prejudice, I’ll fill em in
The /filthiest hypocritical cynics can get it quick cuz

Till the end of measurement im dangerous n menacing
Militant syllabus with a venomous testament
Re/bellious messages of peelin wigs of filthy pigs
guiltiest are fidgeting n reaching for their cigarettes

Dealin wit syllables nearly continuous git it yet?
Con/sider this slicker than shit kick in the dick stingy kids:
Interest in dividends isn’t rich, it’s diminutive
Figurative dismemberment in the end, I “finish him”
Track Name: The Destruction of the Universe feat. Psionic
it's the des/truction of the universe but i gotta get some /poon first it's June 1st and my rents due
guess i gotta use my words, get a venue,
preach about how real men do when it's essential

Verse1 (evv'n'flo):
no one is using proper edacite everybody looking regrettable and pathetic worse than they ever did
it's /evidence that everyone is skatin on thin ice
when it gets nice, we live life, at the sign of problem - fist fight

people are grovelin n robbin for some groceries
ignorant actin up, not how they sposed to be
whats gonna happen when we find out our planet aint damaged are
we gonna hand in our stolen stuff without holdin grudge?

don't think we'd act old enough or manish enough though
to handle the trouble so i plan to go rambo
take the matters into my own hands collectin respect like an old man so protect up your neck

when i /reinvent society evan gettin ready to
it, first anarchy then revarevalution we
through poluting, we through with this stupid shit so
quit actin usaless let's start up a movament


Verse2 (Psionic):
I'm anonymous in this apocalypse.
I wanna kiss a chick's thick apocalips.
Maybe swimming breast stroke in the post apoc-olympics,
but there ain't no women craigslisting.

Down at the laundromat. I probably should be strapped
cuz I ain't letting armageddon gettin' me whacked off
except the girl I last saw at the looted store,
she could have her way with moi.

All these honeys lookin' fine with the fear of god.
So I'm trying to get more ass than a fat bitch
in three seats in third class
before the plane crashes in nuclear blastin' with the zombies attackin'

I discover the gun shop only takes cash and
not Visa Card nor Discover.
No hope, not even a glimmer.
No updates, no one's tweeting on twitter.

Preaching like a sinister minster,
at the end of sixteen bar uni-verses,
we be rockin' hearses. SUBVERSIVE.

Verse3 (evv'n'flo):
so don't run up on me in a time of desperation people packin heat it's practically the end we're facin
oh what a day we havin those used to livin lavish
havin to act buck wild, tap in to their savage habits

how'd it happen? I got no time for questions
you wanna get /slapped up backwards? You really want suggestions?
why don't you /join those other fuckers at the tabernacle everybody
comin runnin for some answers in a time a trouble

Ain't no type of saint but i removed some rubble for a
young dumb couple in my path cuz i'm not no fuckhole
either, not a leader and i'm not a thief but
I /did steal bud so i could chief up on some chiba

how you /not gonna smoke weed and have unprotected whore sex
when you /don't know what you in for next could be a vortex
aint doin my chores yet, it's gonna end in 2012
why /keep a clean room if in that room you aint even bound to dwell?
Track Name: Stop the Fuss Feat. Daps
Verse 1: evv’n’flo
/ Climbin over the dozen a dime huntin for mine
/ Struggling times, call for these ugly rhymes
Crowd control mediocre should duck for cover
Motherfucker im not gonna suffer for another summer

What a bummer the lame ones are sittin ducks
But do we give a fuck (naw man that isn’t us)
/ They want /life liber/ty and the pur/suit of
Flabbi/ness but that doesn’t match wits with our cavernous

Habits that we brandishing we out of this world
You can sucka galac dick after I have at your girl
/ We on another planet comin up with nothing average
Bustin out the package cuz we gifted at rappin rhythms

/ After this one I get lifted with dapst blue ribbon
/ Pass the children on a pilgrimage until it ends
/ Have a vision that people livin it prosperous
Instead of listenin to garbage, pop as fuck

Chorus 2x:
.. So Stop the fuss Come Rock with us
The problem is There's not enough
.. Decisiveness To light us up
.. We’re holdin mics in the dark till the time is up

Verse2 (Daps):
And we don't give a fuck
If y'all wanna dance to this
We just wanna give the fellas whiplash with this
That's the biz, fuck the game
Til I'm clutching a cane, 108
Bustin it, hungry and underweight
I'll be one of the greatest
To never become famous
Runnin weightless
Racin for that which was once sacred
Still chasin my past, anxious to take stages
Makin it last, havin a blast minus the payments
It's kind of degradin, I put my life on the side to rock mics
When I should swallow my pride
But not I, a hard knock hardhead
I ain't starved yet
But I'm startin to have trouble findin apartments
Half the time I can't even get a mic check
I'm just another rapper I guess, fresh off the trimet
Tryin to make my mark with no target
Tryin to find a way to be applauded by the audience


Verse3 (evv’n’flo):
so/ many self righteous tellin you how your life is
The /rest are lifeless watchin tv till their times spent
Im hell bent my minds set on finding the highest peak
N /when I do climb it’ll be kinda like dyin free

I enjoy the finer things like livin with intention
Admiring the type of people who don’t feel fenced in
The/ cityscape, it’s a shitty maze at times
But I aint gon /stay confined its about what you make of life

Lookin like I strain my eyes till I find that I face the light
I couldn’t stage a fright aint never gonna race to tie
When I set the pace to rise its gotta be way to high
To hold you /over cuz the evolved gotta raise the tide

y see that I /made my mind, I aint /never gonna change that
Face facts I stay strapped with nothing but patients
make do with the basics so get off my nuts
Stay tuned we school dudes like a doctorate


Verse4 (evv’n’flo):
People arent makin descisions impatient dismissive
Some /women are stayin in kitchens others are racists n bigots
Livin up to potential is in the past
Most/ rather mope, hopeless, sit on their ass

in a /crowd you wont find us w Mob mentality
Walkin around with blinders lookin mindless
in a sky rise Towerin Livin on salary
/ Seduced by media like mickey and mallory

Its /easier to see it now the stars are as much to blame
Cuz the audience waaaatchin it are in love with fame
You /got nothing to say except for celebrity talk
Then that really goes to show how pathetic you are

Everyone aahs and oohs and gazes at the
top of the food chain but they all fugazees
Actors and rappers have never been like gods to us n
General public is monotonous that’s my hypothesus
Track Name: Into the Wild Feat. Subversive
verse 1 (Psionic):

I'm looking to get my slurp on and my swerve on
and a broad without her shirt on. Got my flirt strong
and my hands up her skirt and thong. If she ain't turned on?
I'ma hafta tell her to tear this wall down like it was the Iron Curtain.
Cuz at my best I'm stills scummy.
Crashing your party like a test dummy.
But it's kinda funny when I want a slutty honey
that I can't wine and dine cuz I gotta no more money
but if I'm like with this bunny I'll make it like it's Easter Sunday
cuz she keep second cumming. Looking for a hostel or a brothel
wanna hit the slopes with my nostrils.
I'ma go Charlie Sheen on they asses
call me Stringer Bell cuz they never know where my stash is.
It's a cat fight club. And the first rule of cat fight club
is never get between pussy pounding each other.
I'd rather fuck a rhinoceros wit a barbed wire condom than listen to shit.
This isn't hits. It's one word kid:

Chorus A:
Sub/versive, why you do em like that?
Murderous and we movin in a pack
Sub/versive, uhhh they some cannibals
/antelopes rrrrrrun when they cant handle those

Sub/versive, why you do em like that?
Murderous and we movin in a pack
Sub/versive hope you good on your feet
Wanna /get the party started someone put on a beat

Chorus B:
"ain't it funky" travel into the wild
"ain't it funky" how we switchin the style
"ain't it funky" travel into the wild
"ain't it funky" take you trippin for miles "a 1,2,3,4

verse2 (mv):
Watch my inertia as I submerge Subvergins
Our crew is standin' tall like 300 vs. Persian
turban do the drapes match the curtains? Propped on the
furniture like Weekend at Berbons; This urgent

Some bitch wants to spit lines- like verses
I encourage excersing but with less exertion
This guy tries so hard, fly as a boatyard
Motion of the ocean? I'm a lunar, mover: sonar

Float mar, we can Humpfree like Bogart
I'm a sore weight loser of fluids; hear me roar.
These trackssuit me like Run-D.M.C. shoes are
AdiDas Racists “Suck like Hoover”

Slick as Rick with the act sense I got a lot of
God of Abraham or Allah somethings are bigger than you are
Either way oppressive law da da da endz onely in looters,
shooters move far; one word kid

Chorus A

Verse3 (evv'n'flo):
I /cook up the heat, tearin the roof off the mutha sucka
I /couldn’t just leave when the party really just wasn’t nothing
Sub/versive came through wita couple others n a fan base
You /heard of this crew? We be treatin miller like it’s champagne

/ and mayne theres plenty bullshit shenanigans
/ We rooollin like the Taliban cuz we outta hand
/ hoooldin no scrill in my clutch but a million bucks
/ and gooolden’s how im feelin because I’m really in luck

Came into the party stumblin we had some fun but all these
Suckas looked at us like we were scrubs cuz we drunk
Chumps was lookin angrily which made it seem like we weren’t in the
Place to be thats when I noticed all the vacancy so very

Lame to me, change the beat so I can wrangle freaks and keep these
Dudes from being snooty had to hook em up with dooby treats
And some funky juicy beats a few a these had everybody
Movin feet, that’s true indeed n fool you see

Life aint drinking smoking it is thinking joking being open
But a drip or fifth of liqour Never killed me really so what
/ We livin simple havin fun remainen innovatin
n so when we hit the pavement we begin to demonstrate it

entertainin from the basement to the ceiling top This fool was
talkin shit his dome I almost peeled it off he was gone
Really didn’t wanna hurt him so I paused an insteada
servin em, told One word kid

Chorus A
Chorus B
Track Name: Simply Scandalous
Simply scandelous lady stayin
fine as wine dining nice by the low light cuz we
dimly candle lit, focused on her
sittin pretty, gittin tipsy, real swiftly

Verse1 (evv'n'flo):
continually compliment, oh honestly
honesty's my best policy and you're really
all i /need, can I please, recieve at least
a /shimmy or a handjob grip, fantostic

what's next, where you wanna go honey i got no
money but i make up fo nothin with slow
humpin, smooth lovin, n cool runnins
doin what they call head bobbin like a bobsled

glistenin like crytals on my cannibus
make it my only mission to have you give up,
give into your instincts as an animal
un/handilable ass slappin pASSionate i'm assin for a


Verse 2(evv'n'flo):
that's how it go though, we bounce like a pogo
after the show go straight to the bedpost oh no
freaked so hard that the old folks next door
start /yellin, "stop havin sex whores"

I /guess it's just a different generation cuz we freakin lots
premarital, but i don't mean to scare you old
elders, cuz we just wanna have fun
lau/ghin, fuckin, kickin it, chillaxin

the /other day i asked my lady, "you wanna make some babies"
she said "what?! you must be kidding me, you know how
overpopulated we are you must be faded i said
" i didn't mean that shit literally"

i'm /really meanin i'm just a fiend for releasin seamen
n pleasin women seein they ain't just a piece of meat
but the /greatest feast, tastiest, the way that they shake their hips
makes me cringe, bite my knuckles, and say these things

gittin ravenous and dick she was
managin, light that ass on fire(johnny cash voice)
kindling cracklin, scantaly
clad with lust, handbag a condoms

she said "I /like the way you dictate" I said
"get my diction out your mouth, i can't be havin random
women spittin what i'm about no men or women
biting my
diction that could cause a bita
friction that i ain't willin to live with

dont rub me the wrong way
i aint got all, she egged me on
whatchu tryna say, I aint ballzay?!
so i hadda do it, i showed her hadda do it
whipped my dick out in public and damaged her like a pack a cougers n

ooo, she was devastateded try to play it
off like i wasn't the best she mated with
so i /laughed and told her to back that ass up and i showed her what it is to have staaaamina


outro - "uhhhh" "uhh" uh" "uhhhh"
"uhhh" "ohhh"
Track Name: Ambivalence
Ambivalence is killing me deciding my whole life plan
Am I gonna be stuck in a greenhouse with the life of a plant?
The effect is I’m trapped energy if I don’t hone it but I
Wanna kick it with homies, say fuck it to gon’ big

Verse 1 (evv’n’flo):
Hold it, wait, is it really a trade off do I
Gotta stay in college just to hope I get payed lots?
What I needs a plot or a plan is what they tell me
But so/ciety is likely to cause a man’s unhealthy

Habits, its rabid and savage on the average
Minumum wage is like getting paid in chicken feed
But in A/merica nothing’s wrong with tryna live the dream
Are you kidding me? No one’s getting cream this shit rules us

You coulda fooled us but the huge bucks is in a
small fraction held by none a the people seein all the
Action, sorry to vent but I’m feelin a little bit lost in the gamble
This shit is contradictory rooted in the preamble

Chorus 2x

Verse 2 (evv’n’flo):
What are my choices? Am I rushin to go to college?
Fuckin with loans and all this, only to work an average
Job, while my degree is likely to be completely worthless
All while I was thinking it might have reason, serve a purpose

Ok, I’m a pessimist without any reference if
I get a diploma for a career with lower demand
How am I supposed to work my way to a good position
If /I got no experience except as a lowely musician

Think about those people who act as if we don’t need musical education
Because some people be thinking that this recreation ain’t
Important, cuz we only need math and science
could the /world really be as smart if our mindset couldn’t be

Freed by artists, damn these fees and hardships
Degrees a bargain in a cuisinart mixture
Light fixtures are dim or broken
I’m in contem/plation, sit here smoking, Livin like an ill emcee as


Verse 3(evv’n’flo):
Ain’t nobody knowin the poem that’s ambiguous but
Wait hold it, life’s future’s unkown to those who live
Even though this music’s all I wanna be doin it’s
Gotta be secondary, the economy’s scary

And /flimsy as a loose leaf, all these humans do seem
Picky and so choosy like we all live in a movie
I’m in the crowd too tryna get my sound through
I /wanna make my music then a difference that amounts to

Significance, ambivilance is killin me
Track Name: Temporary Infinite Feat. mv
Verse 1(evv'n'flo):
You don’t /know what you got till its gone check out the plot that I’m on
Till I /perish probably always be coppin zones
Till I’m focused In the zone take existence in minutes
I /cherish don’t quit it till I finish my bidness

The //business is never done till everyone is givin wisdom
The /gift to be givin is difficult in this prison system
The/ mind is locked in to finding profit
So/cialized often to buyin a lot a shit

Con/sume and use and turn it into garbage
Re/gardless I’m tryin to look at every possesion
As /havin an essense that could have many lessons
For /honest expression I welcome in any suggestions

The /body temporary but the soul go infinite
Its /gotta be scary if you don’t know why you livin it
I’m only one person but that’s my opinion
Many men have thought like my but nowadays its different

verse 1 cont.(evv'n'flo):
Time is short obsession turnin people really greedy
Guys with the most Is lookin like they’re feelin needy
Its /all about material things no I’m just kidding kid
/Its what you want its all in the way of measurement

Verse 2(mv):
Can you fit in your coffin Evan-tually?
We are all sized up 2 be some casualties
of war. Company go fourth- you inchin it!
What does it matter when it happens now or when you slit your wrists?

From Posttraumatic stress disorder, automatic weapon orders
AK /47 pointed at election ballot sorters
Similar lechery can be found throughout the centuries:
Cobblestone treachery; Assassin grass trajectory

Walkin' calmly in 2 lobbies shottie under the trenchcoat
Temperature escal8s as the elev8or's doors close
Deceleration impatiently w8ing for full a10dance
A10tion! I’m ‘bout to become infamous.


Verse 2 cont.(mv):
Is what you're paid 2 do what you wanted 2 spend 8 hours a day doin?
That’s a third of your life, half the time you’re awake
Statistically secretary’s a whore with no 4nication
Correlation 2 RAPE: Corporation slave with a paid vacation
Track Name: Ain't Nothin Like the Real Thang Feat. Tope
Verse 1(evv'n'flo):
/ Save the day I like to feel like im in the moment
/ at times I’ve chased away real I was livin hopeless
/ But now I simply focus, passion is what gives me motive
Barriers are here and there, just to let you kick em open

/ We all got different notions, but cant we agree
It’s a /balancing beam, real is when you hear the crowd n they scream
/ it isn’t from one of tha movies or somethin out of a
Dream Genuine is when you find you’re scrounging around for

/means Houndin for an ounce a cream or really just how
you believe whats true whats free how to
Bountifu/lly Succeed, you gotta be down faya team
Cuz if they there faya, they show you how to breath

/ Undoubtedly we searchin to configure and
Calla/brate what the facts is it aint about
Sala/ries its relaxin, out in the scene
that's /real is like the hook and how it sounds when she sings

ain't nothin like the real thang baby"
This is as real as it gets like how you feel when you sweat like how you feel when you sweat
"ain't nothin like the real thang baby"

Verse 2(Tope)

This is as real as it gets like when you feelin distressed
"ain't nothin like the real thang baby"
This is as real as it gets like how you feel when you sweat like how you feel when you sweat
"ain't nothin like the real thang baby"

Verse 3(evv'n'flo):
Real’s what you make it, its the freedom of breakin loose
It /aint bein famous or claimin that you be makin moves
It aint unattainable don’t wanna hear that you prolly could
Achieve, that aint worth all the falsehood in Hollywood

Believe me, Real is like a Saturday
(troubles outta the way laughin n playn actin ok
, Forgetting the brevity n everything that could never
Be, steadily getting ready for the better things

, But never fakin, aimlessly waitin for a day when
, You get payment, for bein lazy or impatient
, taking for granted whatchu handed, is outlandish
, with no standads the threshold is about vanished

, So /I seek authenticity to git me free of
anything gimmicky simpely because a life of
Mise/ry n pitiful bigotry, would be diminishing my
blissful symphony thus hindering epiphany
Track Name: Life's a Joke Feat. mv
Intro verse (evv'n'flo, mv):
Good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m tonight’s comedian
Some of the ladies I’m seein seem to be the seediest
I’ve /seen in a bit or their men are just way too lenient
Some of /you are too gentle to ever second guess a lady friend

Speaking of friends I had one tell me how he reached his dating end
He /got home from a meeting to see his wife an some guy eating in….
1/ His bedroom, “that’s messed dude you don’t know what it feels like
In/ real life to have a people creep in to steal your wife”

/ I don’t mean to be Rude Sorry she left you
I believe it was the best move I can smell the cheap booze
on your breath ooh! And im not even next to you
Fuck you come down here I’ll rip your head loose

I didn’t /fight in nam for this shit right on the frontline
Ok sunshine I know it sounds unkind but
Some /laugh n some cry its better to be the latter n up high
I’ve been to hell n back looked in the devils eyes

What works for me is whiskey So shush guy
I hope when they arrive to arrest you they have a your cuff size
Were all the butt of lifes joke sometimes alright?
But you happen to be the punch line tonight

cuz life's a joke....
Yeeeeeah cuz
life's a joke and the humans i laugh at
the /gods are crazy inventing booties and ass cracks

Verse2 (evv'n'flo):
I /choose to be happy in fact others are backstabbin
While /usually actin all angry is just a bad habit
/Problems that’re little git widdled into sharp tips
Its /pitiful getting stuck in the middle of arguments

All of its nonsense, arguing w no clarity
It /doesn’t resolve shit, that’s part of the parody
Some folks got 1st world issues n moodiness
Choosen to let everthing git to you is humerous (cuz)

cuz Lifes a joke :)hahahaha:) :) :) :)

verse3 (mv):
It was all a /joke! like The Comedian
Extortion overseas ceos flee to tahiti an'
it's obscene how little we pay teachers, how much we pay athletes
competing and the owners' truly reeling in

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt
when the bums are bummin' change some are bummed when they miss dessert
This'll work, vaccinate you from them viruses
end up with blind irises; Why so serious?

I'm just clownin around; what's the matter dude?
"I'm just not in the laughin' mood." Oh, pad the room!
Too bad for you, I don’t like your attitude
these Mad Hatter 'shrooms will help you reach your faster doom

Behind music, laughter is the best medicine
Lead us not into temptation out of a recession
Don't laugh at my expenses, situation's horrendous
Work for 50 fucking years and then lose your pension

did i mention? Stressin don't help ease the tension-
hella evident like Evan's flo is heaven sent, convicted with no
evidence. I guess the moral of the story is,
you feel like life's a joke go see Oracle and Morpheus.

cuz Lifes a joke :)hahahaha:) :) :) :)

verse 4 (evv'n'flo):
Everybody rejoice these chicks be moist and dancing
/ Only mug each other with b-boy stances
Cuz/ if you aint had your life taken in a bad fire
Might as well have a try at makin it satire

If you /ain’t broke on the side of the road w a flat tire
For/get the stupid nuisances at least attempt to act wiser
If you coppin crack viles on a regular basis
life isn’t ruined but you could say that it’s wasted

Its /all in how you look at it, the way that you take it
Even /those that have made it famous complain n complain n bitch
Dang it’s the same old shit, a game of whose angriest
Played with all hatefulness, n aint it a shame to win

cuz /If you aint ready to joke you better go home cuz everyone knows that
Nobody likes an ignorant fool cold like an Eskimo (so)
Eventually you’ll regret that your old n never been told to let it all go
Then you begin to remember this flow seconds before the end of your rope

evv’n’flo…….mentum mo………life’s a joke
Track Name: Not Anonymous Feat. Subversive
verse1 evv'n'flo:
I / drank too much akohal waded
Out /deep I think im drowning I cant even pronounce it/at all
/ Im slurring my words cursing the earf
I /sank , deep into the ocean when evv’n ‘ flowin

Ab/stained till I got a tastin
Wasted started frank the tankin
Ridiculous “its so good once it hits your lips”
streek through the quads Smoking my chronic wit syonic and ra

Government wanna prohibit herb like they did the sauce I don’t givem no props
Cops comin try to snatch my crops they do what they told told and they asked they boss
Half of us we lose in the system these heifers not choosin direction I
hate cows more than coppas but the slow pokes don’t know and wanna lock us

/ Keep up with the times / did get the memo
ask our last three cheifin commanders we assigned its presidential
/ 1 we drink shit and smoke this nation’s is hypocrit
Tical, we got a different style, and it’s a joke


don’t /wanna be prosecuted or persecuted slurpin my booze
/ Fur certain Me You and her and her friend

verse2 Psionic:
Too many tequilas and lime got me optimus like prime
it was only 5 after 9 when I flat-lined.
So let’s get black out like Method and Red
I be stepping on heads duckin,’ headed to bed

Too much stout til 6 in the morning
Bangin a chick, wild til she dead like mourning
Wearing a veil of alcohol, my pockets small
On four-zero o-z’s, If I keep on sippin OE I'm pushin' up posies

I’m sinning and I’m spinning and I just can’t STOP
it’s swimming wit women takin off they TOPS
I’m sippin and tippin til I hear a KNOCK
Flipping on the lights, oh shit, it’s the COPS!

Out the window, I’m in and out like a dildo Hell no, sirens create the crescendo
I shouldn’t have puffed that last endo

Plus I’m stoned like I got caught scopin Medusa
My thoughts rot croakin my medulla
No officer, I’m not a menace to society
probably a menace to sobriety
So pardon me.


Verse3 (mv):
A week of tough thinkin’, waitin’ for the weekend: nauseous
A night of binge drinkin’ barely eatin’ and I got sick
One sticky feature of our liver that I bone pick,
Stomach feels like we played keep away and it got drop kicked
Quickly pick the liquor with the licorice aftertaste! Jaeger!
Was that before the store where the cashier says, “Hey sir.”?
Really can’t place her as I fall, try to stall my false pace
Glossin’ over my complexion for inspection like taste.
Disgrace, I grab a case wasted, forget my time and/ place,
I love to wake up with new abrasions.
Gotta get the 40! ‘Cause I’m poor boy like I’m Haitian,
Or Jamaican, chasin’ Myers with Red Stripe
“Slappin’ the bass mon!” Shit faced and cross-faded
Tryin’ to forget cause my life is so jaded
Relievin’ responsibility while I relieve myself
All over my bed, and all over my cell.


outro chorus:
/ we not anonymous we always got a fif
/ all we wanted was a chance to party cuz
Track Name: Extortion feat. mv
verse1 evv'n'flo:
I got a /family to feed and the Russian government doin nothing for the famine and greed damned if I leave
Damned to stay either way hope they don’t take my family away all the local thugs
Act like a government spokesman does both of em feed like cannibals eat
You gottta pick your battles and Im planning retreat when I realize the man got his hand on my sleeve

Yellin in my ear why aren’t you answering me so I reach into my pocket to retrieve my wallet
Stalin… to stalin /given away my dollars fastest
livin in a state that’s lawless, or better yet fascist Policemen
same as all the rest we pay the department or independent market w cabbage

/ 1 they cant promise that noones gonnna harm us, aint never any calmness found in the motherland
/1 so now I gotta cover ground, my many relatives live here on the other hand
/ I think im gonna stay where my cousin lives im tired of the sufferin
/1 my money stretch thin like a rubber band, but someday ima get the upper hand

/ So im off on a journey constantly yearning, but I gotta go on
/ I saw how they doin those evils to the jewish people during the pogroms
/ With nothing but clothes we run up the road n we snuck on a boat
/ It looked about a hundred years old, with crumbling bolts I wonder will it hold

/ but im hungry n bold I when I arrive hope that I love it like home
/ but all I can think about is getting some food cuz my stomach grumblin ohhhh
/ I come to see that I’m actually im unhappy to find america is the same thing
Extortion isn’t any different payment to the kang pin they tell me

if you want to stay safe then you'll fill ours with a bit a
pay, kids go play you don't wanna let em get up in the way, way too late to make excuses you made me
wait, all day tomorrow gonna do the same thang

verse2 mv:
Get a taste for fuckin asses in a drunken haze
(Glutenous) /stuck in the tubs in the baths/ duckin assassins/ where my glasses to /raise to see
the cases of moonshine under the gaze of the law enforcement agencies
They're so easily coerced, cooperative with a little endorsement: its extortion

Pray? I'm the only god you got in these states/ stuck the monks in their case:
The trunk of my carriage/ shmucks nefarious /trade the guts to the triple k, klu klux arians
At the marriage of my daughter decorated with the merit of a 24-caret icing cake
I was asked to inherit the sheriffs 45, Tommy fires at terrifying rates

I've made my way through real estate now I'm lookin into outer space
Hired hands to do the dirty work once I got them out their chains
American gangster and I get no thanks/ no scars on my face our lucks bout to /change
Homie Capone is home alone this is our chance to raid
/“Nice place”


2bars mv:
lookin to take advantage imminently of some innocently insolent immigrant
status quo-tients done by my accountants countin cash feelin omnipotent\
2bars evv'n'flo:
Extortions a problem but now im importing my vodka, cuz im interested in
Businesses it’ll have to be lucrative makin bigger plans of gittin rich

2bars mv:
I wanna get out of the game but still reap the profits g-men prohibiting
my operations with elliot ness may take my business elsewhere I may be selling it
2bars evv'n'flo:
Each week I go to the speak easy to sell my mixture in bins
People are seedy I think they wanna rob me for my dividends but this time I aint littin them

I have a /business proposal I’d like to discuss
I look into his eyes and I size em up
No need to be rough wanna make five bucks
step into my house you can take a chug
So /you’re the new guy with the potent potion
you can buy stock but you wont control it
This is /how its gonna happen you will be persuaded
I take him to the basement to make him wasted
You’ll do just fine as my……
“that’s not what I got in mind
I’ve /taken shit for a long time now I got a better live startin an enterprise
I own this city I know all the guys
I know you paid the price high
This is my empire
and /now it is mine I tell them

Track Name: Long Time Comin feat. Psionic
verse1 Psionic:
It’s been a long time comin and I’ve finally quit runnin
My adrenaline pumpin and my syllables rushin
I’m gunnin to be stunning I’m (a)lone wolf huntin’
I was lovin a woman something more than stunning.

I’ma dead man bluffin if I said I loved her
more than the druggin huggin, clutchin
rough when I was bugging started coughin,
self snuffin I was off the cuff then

almost bought a coffin when
she said, it’s time to talk a discussion
Why I started dippin dodging my habit’s repercussions
My heart started bumpin to reaper percussion

We started cussin, she blushing,
her love for me crushing
Then I finally admitted I had been frontin

In the saddle again, but fallen off the wagon
She needs someone somber sober to be her husband
And I’d eradicate myself to nothing
to prove to her....
"it's going to be a loooong, time coooomin."
long time comin up in the runnin long time comin up in the runnin

"it's going to be a loooong, time coooomin."
long time comin up in the runnin long time comin up in the runnin

verse2 evv'n'flo:
I’m /only 23 but I feel like I’m on my
hundredth Somethin somethin its been a long time
Comin I forget what I’m sayin but go n run it sunny
Go for the love n money before you become ugly

/ things are much clearer as I come nearer
/ one year wiser and I love it here
/ me n potland on a new mission
/ get the scene growin to fruition

/ I want a career n a juga beer
/ a micro brew n a cheers to another year
/ think about the things we gonna do in this one
/ kick it with the friends n never lose the vision

/ one thing that was meant to be in the
21st century is something that I
always thought n believed I see n that’s
legal weed But its going to be a


Verse 3 evv'n'flo:
I’m /only 24 but I’m torn like my body steady
crumblin Nothing but trouble but ima get up tryn
run again injury stopped me from playin guitar
Compensatin with beats im makin now they hit hard

/ nothing gonna keep me back hold me down
/ hungry for the beats n wraps older now
/ waitin for the day I’m gonna be a factor
/ cuz it ain’t the pay that I am really after

/ once I get on top the way I’m goin out
/ is to redistribute all the wealth so allow
/ me an insider trade so I can steal money
/ andgive it back to the people that are real hungry

/ nothing is set n stoney so I’m
gonna get a testimony have the
Admini/strators confess they phoney n wrong (corruptin?)
Over/throw the republic but its
Track Name: Don't Trust a Rapper Feat. Subversive
chorus 2x:
don’t trust a rapper they are sketchy
don’t even believe em it might get messy
don’t buy stock or any investing
They spend every penny just to get their necks(next) bling

verse1 evv'n'flo:
/ when I wrote this rhyme I was sittin on a bus seat and I asked a chick
For this /pen she didn’t really trust me but that’s nothing I aint fussin yet
/ When I went up in the bank to cash my checks and they asked who’s next
/ And they said you, I feel like they didn’t even have respect

/ When I talk to the po po go to the grocery sto and the old folks home
/ everybody and their mother wanna act like im crazy but they don’t know fo sho
/ If I’m gonna buy a house and I wanna get loan do you feel any sorrow fa me
/ Aint nobody in their right mind gonna have another rapper getta borrow money

Fuck all the platinum and the scrilla folds
Every single rapper talks about them wheels of chrome
Candy paint and rims that’s that speil they on
Cant relate to them then I guess you don’t feel at home

Flashy rappers always lookin for the VIP but they don’t seem to have the
I for it, but I do my own thing aint listening to that
liar bullshit, its backwards and it makes me testy
Mamas /tell their children don’t trust rappers cuz they sketchy


verse2 Psionic:
I’m a Blade Runner on the cutting edge.
These other motherfuckers are dunce cap heads.
I’m an architect cuz my art is tech when I wreck em.
Get yo head out yo rectum:

Stop swabbin the poop deck,
Not an ounce of respect.
The only thing they could bounce is a check.
They /amount to a /mound of /little shit like Glenn Beck.

Claimin that they layin down the sickest cuts is
ridicu / lous. It’s like running with open stitches and scissors in a
blizzard, or sayin’ rappers don’t have girlfriends only bitches.
/ An uphill battle relentless, it’s Sisyphus

wit /whack raps that attach like crabs to nutsacks, it’s syphilis.
They on everybody's shit list, naming many names like Joseph McCarthy.
/ but the only way they gonna get a major break is like / Tonya Harding,
They /hip hop shit talk out they ass, mouths farting.


verse3 mv:
All they talk about is who's more dapper, got more swagger
practically all /braggards who don't break no standards, ungrateful bastards who only want patterns
Take your melodies away double-timin' backstabbers
Most of them /never see their attacker, half of them turn out to be actors!

They know how to turn hash to ashes with matches, got cash for fat asses
Some of them are even edumucated with access to batches of acids and gases
/Okay, so there may be other factors, but taggers always writing on napkins
like they secretly hashin the plans of fascism, you sidin with the reactionaries?

Trust me, don't trust 'em, they can sneak through customs scary!
Get fucked up just because and cuss for the fuck of it; suck my dictionary
Girls with attachments like appalachins, threats with no real actions
Can't take 'em to a club they packin', captions read somethin tragic happened

Luckily I Duck quick like Prefontaine, humor’s dryer than a lint trap
Rappers afraid to get washed up, tryin' to cash in on these gimp acts
Invite 'em to your house they'll compare it to their mansion; can’t you tell that we got no passion?!?
On the surface, got a modest demeanor but when I'm on the mic I wouldn't trust me neither
Track Name: That's Just Me feat. mv
verse1 evv'n'flo:
Hundreds a suckas is runnin a muck
fuckin it up and suckin a nut
People are actin destructive and tough
frontin like chumps just to be punks

No one is payin attention to subtlety
Going their way no regret n no humbling
/ (grumblin) that’s gonna get you all ug-aly
/ it’ll catch up to be troubling

I will be chillin n biding my time
Writing my rhymes to brighten my mind
ill with the words and I like to recite to be
Killin a verse till theres no vital signs and im

Always on top and I find I can elevate
Properly propped when I break from the cellophane

But that’s just me (that’s just me)
Untrapped n free

I was once a bit like you said oh I was once a bit like you
But now I am tryin to pay my dues I couldn’t stay untrue (stay untrue)

verse2 mv:
Tired of bitches who come up with shit
Pitchin a fit cause they got a big hit
Official top earner, rich in the murmur
Got hurt by the burner, intentional murder

Crows are just cawing: auction
Life where they're hawkin, hawks are all gawking
Stolen identity, money's the entity
Humanity's enemy, definitely no friend to me

Have no affinity for a reality
Where im pitied and cowered by politics
in the middle of the city Ill hit em with a switch
while they're still sucklin' the power tit

Just to get Milk, when he was killed, in San Fransisco (hell no)
See my siloutte and he'll know
that's just me: fight apathy

verse3 evv'n'flo:
They /come for the money they call it a love
that’s/ dumber than dumb n always it was
Feeble n lackin the nuggets to bud
Nuthin to suck they’ve punctured a lung

The /truest are savin the moment not pupp-eting
Useless - blatently hording and coveting
/ that’s gonna make you all ug-aly
/ it’ll catch up to be troubling

I will be writin n lightin my pipe
Finding the might to brighten a life
Filled with the herb and I climb to a height so i
Chill with the birds where the sight is alright and im

Feelin the best when im hittin the joint gonna
Deal with the stress I’m not missin the point
that’s just me ………..Pass the weed
I was once a bit like you oh I was once a bit like you
But now/ I am just tryin to pay my dues I couldn’t stay untrue (to pay my dues)

verse4 mv:
What are we facin? Writing so basic
its all presentation and bad entertainment
Fake as a facelift, look for replacements
Down at the station there's been accusations

The alleged is the same as the patient
See him through the glass that's stained and tainted
Learnin to skate: fall off on the pavement
Scrapin' my knees then change to freebasin'

Spendin the savings, escape and get faded
look at the ceilin play in sheats when its rainin'
Nothin'll beat the feelin of heat
on summer nights when lights are all fadin'

It's supreme.
Even words lose their steam
maybe that's just me..?
no it has to be,
no it has to be.

Track Name: Hunt or Pray feat. Z Free & Psionic
verse1 Z Free:

In it for the Chase
Hunt or pray
Running game like a
Re/lay every day

In it for the Chase
Hunt or prey
Running game like a
Re/lay every day

Git a little taste an im
Damn thirsty
Pickin up the pace git my
Hands dirty

In it for the Chase
Hunt or pray
Running game like a
Re/lay every day

verse2 Psionic:
I’m on a hunt / for a wild woman.
My game untamed, I’m macking even though I shouldn’t.
I just can’t help it. This girl is battin’ for the majors. Outta my league but I’m kinda intrigued
So fuck if I’m a bout to leave without getting her arms up outta those sleeves.
I’m a lion eyein’ / spyin’ / huntin heavy in the Serengeti
Hot and sweaty, searching for sex legendary.
See, I gotta a plan. And it’s to not be battling the Taliban in Afghanistan.
It’s to be pouncing on dem women, get em swimming when I’m heating up their kitchens, and they booties bouncing. DAMN.
This gal gotta muthafucking simple dimpled smile
Making me wanna do it doggystyle in her domicile
all the while / I plotting more lecherous adultery
eatin any meat wit my treacherous cutlery.
Wit a itty bitty skullduggery, just call me Jimmy McNulty
Cuz I’ma lecherous dog, a lecherous dog
fetching for that poontang, only thinking wit my dick n balls.
Listen to this truth:
It’s always most moistest when we reachin coitus
Making nasty noises,
I guess my point is not most poignant (uhhhh…)
I don’t hunt and gather. It’s humps I’m after.
My lust don’t rust when the blood rush,
I’m a horn dog cuz I like it RUFF.
No since in praying for pussy, just hunt.


verse3 evv'n'flo:
In a minute gonna race so/ run away
No/body gonna change the pace Wait for ya
Saving / Grace when we get /face to Face better
face the music or change your rubric

Itty bitty wiggle in your walk a simple little shit talk
/ didn’t bring your wrist watch
Little tiny mistakes could have ya git shot
Jist lost track of time n now you ticked off

Didn’t really wanna scene didn’t wanna get crossed
/shootin really freaky now its lookin like a hitch cock
Flick so get lost quick
Jist stop in to pick coffins

Or/ get a gun better run cuz im comin in
And im comin on the count a one one
Civilians looking like an easy target
Turnin the town into a meat market

Kill or be killed you think you really chill but
Youre really frickin lazy not bringin in the bacon
lemme show you how really chill really fill
Deva/stated when I take em an I place em in the basement

Better run and hide / on limited time
Percent (age?) of lives already declined
Im /Steady goin up cuz I neva bet on luck
Cant leave it to chance to free up your hands

Get on your knees and pray/ awfully dismayed/
probably git slayed/ causing me to race
on/ lost your keys to make it home/
caught you with ease it didn’t take me long
Track Name: Game of Death
solo evv'n'flo

/Im diving in the engines idling until the light is
Green I might find another night of steam if I take my
Vitamin I keep heaving cuz im Tryna breath
Haaa but these demons are driving me so violently so ima

Climb to freedom cuz the heathens in the syndicate are havin
Me Find a reason to treat everday like my last time for
Dreamin, I pass by the widening into the side
Street my path is icey but I sliding on my nikes

I keep seeing all the grimey crimeys
And I /know that it really could easily cease with just a knifing
/ and each season you mean to offer politely
It only turns out the kind wont be treated so rightly

You could blame the left or you could blame the right wing
But the truth is, the imbalance makes the flight seem
Highly unlikely while the high heats arising
Its /hard to be brave when life’s fleeting n dicey

/ I use the pain to help remind me
Of /what my fight means it puts my mind at ease
/ that’s the fuel that lets my fire breath I.e.
I /play the game of life with death right beside me

verse2(short verse):
Guess I’d rather go out with a bang than be shiesty
But at /times like these I find I might be stymied
Im /glad I’ve found the sole escape from the tiringSo I can
/ increase the pulses rate n proceed to get lively

Otherwise we just suriving livin quietly
Which is /ok but I’d rather go bold for change n ripening
Its always better when its unique n exciting
But its /hard to ride the tidal with bruce lee timing

/ I stand still to find the minds cloudy
I might be /doubting when I really need to be defined outwardly
/ Your legs freeze up when they need to ease up I’m feelin
The imbalance but I seek the freedom so I

Raise up say whats the benefit if I don’t die tryin
Not %50 but %100 now I’m high climbing
/High scrapin n sky risin I wont
Lie silent so now it seems I have to apply violence

/ Last resort some problems you cant ignore so
Pass the torch n I’m off in the passion of sport
/ I start strong and finish strong lets git it on
/ your true essence is shed when you get pinned to the wall

/ Necessity lets me see whats my enemy
Which at best is me cuz everything I know has entered through me
/ Exiting when I check my feet n I make a move
Breaking through never aim to lose my patients is tiring


At times I question life but I
Know I got to get this right or
I might get left behind but I’m
Always on the grind enter with my mind centered